For many years false information has been passed around claiming that we must extract the oil from the cannabis and hemp plant in order to receive benefits from it. Currently this is the top most ignorant misconception in the Hemp and cannabis oil industry. It is 100{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} false – in fact, the more you try to pull out of the plant the more you damage the medicine.

The creator of Hemp Paste has received three death threats, hundreds of character attacks, and false claims that have been made about Hemp Paste. One might ask why such attacks would occur, considering the scientific evidence that supports that the whole plant is superior to CBD oil.

The most obvious answer is Money! If we were to make the claim that all the millions of dollars’ worth of machines and chemicals and even CBD oil were to be obsolete in the near future, you can bet there will be some very very ugly resistance.

What is even more convincing is that Hemp Paste leaves a ZERO environmental footprint compared to CBD oil.

$100,000.00 Cannabis Cook-off

Imagine an angry mob trying to shut down information that is extremely damaging to their multimillion-dollar extraction industry, My Nutra had to unfortunately explain to individuals why people were attacking Hemp Paste. So, we had to create a financial challenge – one that says, “put your money where your mouth is.” It never fails when we challenge anyone to a $100,000.00 cook off. They have no choice but to back down. It is the simplest and fastest way to corner a troll.

When we are focused on helping people, and massive noise from trolls disrupts our mission, we unfortunately have to respond. So, if you ever experience any false attacks please send them this article and know that our $100,000.00 cannabis cook off never expires.

Summary of the cookoff

The challenger of the contest will have a choice of either two pounds of hemp or Cannabis bud (flower). The two pounds of bud will be gently mixed and divided in half where each party will receive one pound. The person who creates product with the most Cannabinoids and Terpenes per 1lb wins the $100,000.00 pot. This is why we call this article “Proof is in The Lab Test.”